Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Customer Coment

For any ones information,  I hauled my 38 ft sport fish on Sept 12th 2011 at port salerno marine. When I arrived at 1:00pm the travel lift was waiting for me, I was pressure washed a blocked in a very timely manner. Very clean yard and friendly personnel.  Capt Marlin Moudy MV Paloma II.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Too much Zinc

Yes you can over Zinc a boat. There is a tell tale sign when you over zinc a boat, you will see your bottom paint around the metal through hull fittings etc. is gone, kinda burnt off. this is a SIGN FROM THE ZINC GODS.

Prop Shaft Zincs

Just for general knowlage, Shaft Zincs should be placed 3 to 5 times the diameter of the propeller shaft away from the cuttlas bearing. IE: A boat with a 1" Prop Shaft the bottom edge of the Shaft Zinc should be 3" - 5" away from the Strut.

The reason for this is to allow water flow to make it over the Zinc and back to the prop shaft and flow through the cuttlas (Rubber Marine Bearing) hence lubricating the bearing.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Customer Comments

Dear Guys:

We have been in boat yards from Chicago to Virgin Islands, from Mexico to
Bermuda, and yours is one of the best experiences we've had.

First, it's truly a Do-It-Yourself yard, with no overpriced mandatory purchases.

Next, your staff is experienced, knowledgeably, helpful, and pleasant.  You are
environmentally concerned but not nasty about it.  There are skilled contractors

available to do high-quality work if you want help.  Your pricing is fair and
reasonable.  What more could one want?!  Oh -- a mirror in the rest room!

Thanks to Paul, Fred, and especially Jack, the manager, for making this a place
we'll come back to happily!

Rick & Sandra Burkhart

Customer Comments

Excellent Boatyard in Stuart, FL, AICW Statute Mile off the AICW at Statute Mile 987

Posted by Larry | Posted on 05-08-2011

Port Salerno Marine is west of green marker #1 near the south end of Manatee Pocket, departing west and southwest from the intersection of the AICW and Okeechobee Waterway in Stuart, FL.
For the many cruisers who pass through Stuart, Fl. every year, this will be of interest to you. I recently had my 1985 Albin 36 trawler hauled at Port Salerno Marine for renovations. Jack Sharp runs the yard (772-223-5022) and, unlike some yard managers I’ve encountered, is friendly, welcoming and very helpful. This is a do-it yourself yard and you can do whatever you wish to bite off yourself, but independent (not yard employees) skilled professionals of every discipline at very reasonable prices are readily available in this Manatee Pocket location. I had the entire boat painted, Awlgrip above the waterline and bottom paint. The boat looks like new. Danny Cabrera (772-521-2732) and his crew did a flawless and detailed paint job at a very reasonable price. I also had a new genset and air conditioner installed with 3 new thru hulls and associated electrical panels. My mechanic, Bob Downey (772-485-4292) did a first class installation and really gave a lot of thought to locations, access, maintenance and aesthetics. A real pro, in the process he also caught a few unrelated electrical and hull issues that certainly will help the wife feel more secure on the way to the Bahamas or crossing the Gulf. Bob maintains a long term relationship with his “clients” and treats the boat like his own. The yard is located next to Finz restaurant with Walmart and many boating support companies in the immediate vicinity.
Skipper Jim Tracey aboard Albin 36 “O’Dea” MTOA # 3919
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Customer Comments

I wish to thank you and your staff for my haul out this past December 2010.  This was my first experience hauling out a boat and you guys made this happen successfully, without a glitch.  I felt like I was being treated right and learned a great deal during the week I spent in your yard.  Your staff is friendly and knowledgeable.
I will be returning for the next one in the future and highly recommend your yard to anyone that needs boat work done!
Thanks again!  
Robert Audette

Customer Comment

This e-mail is to thank you for all the support and service given at Port Salerno Marine ,you let us feel like in  home.Your cooperation was wonderful and very appreciated.I will be in Stuart in about two weeks and hope we will be using your services again .I will recommend my friends /captains your services.
We will keep in contact.
Thank you,
Roberto Silva (from Puerto Rico)           May 25, 2010